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121 Results

  • Pension Valuations and the Audit Trail within Family Law Software

    Product not yet rated 1 credit offered Includes a Live Event on 07/16/2019 at 10:15 AM (EDT)

    During this session, Daniel Caine will discuss defined benefit pension valuations and the coverture calculation within Family Law Software.

  • Criminal Divorce

    Product not yet rated 1 credit offered Includes a Live Event on 06/18/2019 at 1:00 PM (EDT)

    In this session, we will dig deep into how to recognize criminal behavior. We will discuss the warning signs, red flags and distress signals being sent by clients that indicate extra scrutiny may be needed to determine any extent of criminality. Lastly, Peggy will share her experiences with criminal divorces and their outcomes.

  • Human Capital and Divorce: Understanding the Risks

    Product not yet rated

    Why do we need personal capital? Because the ability to work or generate human capital is finite. At some point in the future, you will either want to stop working (retire), or be unable to work due to age, health, job elimination or other reasons.

  • Lifestyle Analysis in Your Divorce Practice

    Product not yet rated

    This article will discuss the role of lifestyle analysis in divorce and review some of the basics, best practices, and key issues to consider when offering lifestyle analysis services.

  • Risky Business: Risk Tolerance and Financial Decisions in Divorce

    Product not yet rated

    High-stakes risks in the exit process of divorce affect income longevity and net worth for life after divorce. Each ex-spouse must navigate a new financial position and separate risk after settlement, making the divorce exit process an important time to examine financial decisions and individual risk tolerance.

  • Virtual Reality: Handling Digital Assets in Divorce

    Product not yet rated

    Technology is changing how assets in a divorce are listed, valued, and divided. Today, digital assets more often than not make up a portion of a couple’s net worth. And for some couples, these assets represent an amount that can no longer be disregarded.

  • How the Divorce Act Amendments Affect Your Clients

    1 credit offered Recorded On: 04/30/2019

    The amendments to the federal Divorce Act are expected to be passed soon, making divorce less of a battle zone; especially for parents. During this webinar, Marlene will discuss these amendments in more detail and link how these amendments will relate to financial professionals working with divorcing clients.

  • Lifestyle Analysis

    1 credit offered Recorded On: 04/16/2019

    During this session, Justin Reckers will walk you through the theory, practical application and actual preparation of a Lifestyle Analysis in Matrimonial Dissolution matters. Sometimes called Marital Standard of Living Analysis, the concept of Lifestyle Analytics can be used in support of alimony and child support cases as well as characterization of assets between marital and separate property and finally uncovering hidden assets.

  • Why Do Smart People Do Dumb Things with Their Money?

    1 credit offered Recorded On: 03/19/2019

    The single biggest factor in portfolio growth is NOT asset allocation, investment selection or market timing. The single biggest factor is the saving and investing behavior of your clients. This program will help you and your clients significantly improve their financial decision-making and investing behavior, especially under pressure.

  • Creating Assets Using Premium Finance and Existing Expenses

    1 credit offered Recorded On: 02/19/2019

    For clients going through a divorce, a holistic approach to a client’s financial plan and life insurance should be a core focus; specifically, premium financed life insurance. Through a series of case studies and examples, David will explore real, tangible benefits for clients who may not be in a cash position to pay large annual premiums for permanent life insurance policies.