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Death and Divorce: When Bad Goes to Worse
Gray Divorce, couples over the age of 50, is the fastest-growing demographic going thru a divorce. With age comes the increased risk of death and if a spouse dies during the divorce process, the unintended consequences can be drastic. During this webinar, we will identify a number of risks and suggested remedies.
Day-to-Day Money: Learn the Art of Financial Coaching
Learn specific exercises you can use to help your clients achieve financial clarity, confidence and get results, and discover the unique process for creating exercises that build your clients' financial skill set.
Unhappy Together: Avoiding Joint Tax Liability by Claiming Duress, or Innocent and Injured Spouse Relief
A client's tax return can result in substantial liability. Based on an actual case, this presentation demonstrates how to avoid or sever joint tax liability, with special attention to issues of abuse.

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The Matrimonial Home: Helping Divorcing Clients Explore Their Options
During this webinar, Wanda will discuss the different options available to divorcing clients regarding decisions on the matrimonial home, the processes involved in utilizing any of these options and the drawbacks and benefits of each option.
Pension Valuations and the Audit Trail within Family Law Software
During this session, Daniel Caine will discuss defined benefit pension valuations and the coverture calculation within Family Law Software.
Criminal Divorce
In this session, we will dig deep into how to recognize criminal behavior. We will discuss the warning signs, red flags and distress signals being sent by clients that indicate extra scrutiny may be needed to determine any extent of criminality. Lastly, Peggy will share her experiences with criminal divorces and their outcomes.
Reverse Mortgage Solutions for Housing and Settlement During Silver Divorce
When analyzing housing wealth as a divorce asset, a reverse mortgage may be a vehicle to provide secure housing for one or both parties or a source for settlement options for homeowners age 62 or older.
How the Divorce Act Amendments Affect Your Clients
The amendments to the federal Divorce Act are expected to be passed soon, making divorce less of a battle zone; especially for parents. During this webinar, Marlene will discuss these amendments in more detail and link how these amendments will relate to financial professionals working with divorcing clients.
Lifestyle Analysis
During this session, Justin Reckers will walk you through the theory, practical application and actual preparation of a Lifestyle Analysis in Matrimonial Dissolution matters. Sometimes called Marital Standard of Living Analysis, the concept of Lifestyle Analytics can be used in support of alimony and child support cases as well as characterization of assets between marital and separate property and finally uncovering hidden assets.