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Practice Management: In 2024 Earn More LAWYERS | CLIENTS | REVENUE with RADR™ Designation
Upskill with Advanced Realty Asset Dispute Resolution training/specialization (RADR™) - in 2024 to Earn Even More: Lawyers - RADR™/advanced realty asset dispute resolution specialization adds even more lawyers to your referral sources - beyond divorce - & boosts your substantive networking Clients - Realty assets in family matters expand client base to divorce, trusts & estates, probate, and elder law Revenue - RADR™/advanced realty asset dispute resolution specialization increases your tools and expertise to enhance revenue & BONUS: How to fix What Blocks CDFAs® from Landing More Lawyers.
Behind Closed Doors: The Opioid Epidemic’s Powerful and Damaging Influence on Marriages
As the opioid epidemic worsens across the US, the toll it imposes on the economy has risen to staggering heights causing an economic loss of more than $1 trillion, not only posing a threat to the economy but also jeopardizing careers, family finances, retirement plans, and marriages. With the numbers of opioid use disorders, overdoses and deaths surging in recent years, the impact of substance use disorder on divorce is becoming increasingly prevalent, requiring a sophisticated approach in financial planning to address these evolving challenges. The responsibility of protecting clients extends beyond conventional financial services such as insurance, investments, or tax-saving strategies. This presentation will address the intricate relationship between the surging opioid crisis and its profound impact on the institution of marriage and family life. As the opioid crisis unfolds, it leaves in its wake shattered marriages, strained families, and a growing urgency for comprehensive solutions to address both addiction and the collateral damage inflicted on domestic life.
Practice Management: The Power of Woman-to-Woman Mentorship in Financial Advising

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What You Need To Know about Cybersecurity and The FTC Safeguards Compliance
Robust cybersecurity practices are essential for businesses of all sizes, regardless of whether you are single-person operation out of your home office or a global fortune 500 organization. We’ll explore basic cybersecurity requirements and how they can support your business.
Practice Management: Creative Settlement Solutions, The Art of Divorce Financial Planning
This webinar will explore opportunities for financial creativity in property settlements for real estate, support, retirement accounts, debts, and small businesses. CDFA holders will be much better equipped to bring value to every divorce engagement.
Divorce, College Planning and the FAFSA Simplification Act
Vicki Vollweiler of College Financial Prep discusses the financial aid basics, the impact of the new FAFSA Simplification Act and how divorced parents, in particular, can plan ahead for college and for savings.
Practice Management: Improving Outcomes for Families — How Co-parenting Apps can Enhance Client Communication and Ensure Success
This presentation will advise family law professionals on communication technology ordered by the court in high conflict custody and visitation matters. Professionals will learn how they can stay informed of co-parent communication through the use of online tools.
Practice Management: Valid8 - Helping You Follow the Money Faster
Bank, credit card statements and other forms of financial evidence represent an oasis of unbiased facts in what are highly charged situations of divorce resolution. Working through lifestyle analysis, identification of undisclosed assets, and how to handle commingled assets can consume significant time and resources, restricting professionals' ability to handle additional cases. Valid8 helps to make these financial investigations fast, accurate and comprehensive.
One Sentence to Divide a Pension is not Enough - What CDFAs Need to Know to Protect the Rights and Entitlements of their Clients
This webinar, led by Certified QDRO Specialist™, Diane Pappas, will cover many of the mistakes made when verifying and dividing different types of retirement plans. We will cover both qualified and nonqualified plans for both defined contribution and defined benefit plans, as well as addressing some common issues with state pensions.