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Empowering Divorce Financial Planning with Technology: Leveraging LegacyNOW
Join us for an engaging presentation on the revolutionary impact of LegacyNOW in divorce financial planning. LegacyNOW, a comprehensive digital vault and communication platform, bridges communication gaps between clients and their professional service providers, including wealth advisors, estate attorneys, and CPAs.
Ascertaining Key Divorce Real Estate Challenges After Sitzer-Burnett and NAR Settlement: Economics and Essentials for Divorce Finance Pros
Starting August 2024, the Sitzer-Burnett litigation and NAR Settlement will significantly impact divorcing homeowners and real property mediation by drastically changing real estate licensee representation and compensation. The current real estate commission chaos creates new opportunities for finance professionals specializing in divorce who seek to expand their role, and their value, to divorce lawyers and divorcing clients.
The Future of Financial Planning: 5 Trends Changing How You Do Business Forever
The financial planning industry is changing rapidly. All too often, busy professionals and entrepreneurs running firms spend so much time focused on their day-to-day tasks and operations that they can’t stay on top of new trends shaping the industry, let alone prepare for future firm success.

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The Personality Paradox: Decode the How-Wow Personality Puzzle to Elevate Your Financial Advisory Practice
Elevate your advisory skills, decode client behaviors, and revolutionize your approach to impactful client relationships in this webinar. Join me for a comprehensive session diving into emotional cues, client archetypes (HOW and WOW), and three distinctive client profiles. Learn to decode emotions, fostering stronger client connections for improved service and retention.
QDROs & Non-Qualified Retirement Plans
This webinar provides solutions when confronted with retirement plan that do accept QDROs, in other words, non-qualified plans or those plans exempt from ERISA. From defined contribution plans, executive deferred compensation plans to defined benefit pension plans, typically those that may be various state or municipal pension plans. Albeit direct payment orders are referred to, however, we explore the issues should be addressed in such an order and how distributions can be made.
Practice Management: The Power of Woman-to-Woman Mentorship in Financial Advising
Talk to almost any successful woman advisor in this industry and you’ll learn that she got where she is thanks in no small part to her ‘tribe’; that circle of advisors, confidants and mentors who helped her define her goals, overcome obstacles, stay motivated and achieve success. As the financial advising profession continues to lag in the its progress toward attracting and retaining more women, the client demand for female advisors is expected to continue to grow. Research reveals that there is a significant lack of trained mentors properly equipped to deliver a meaningful mentoring experience to support women working in traditionally male-dominated professions. Furthermore, cookie cutter corporate programs with preset goals and outcomes are often not tailored to the professional goals and values of women advisors. In this webinar, executive director of the Women's Leadership Alliance, Stephanie Gularte, together with WLA mentor and retired financial advisor, Pamela Grey, will share the secrets to creating powerful mentorship experiences for and by women. They will share mentorship practices that experienced female advisors considering succession options, or for offices looking to attract and retain more women can put into action. .
Behind Closed Doors: The Opioid Epidemic’s Powerful and Damaging Influence on Marriages
As the opioid epidemic worsens across the US, the toll it imposes on the economy has risen to staggering heights causing an economic loss of more than $1 trillion, not only posing a threat to the economy but also jeopardizing careers, family finances, retirement plans, and marriages. With the numbers of opioid use disorders, overdoses and deaths surging in recent years, the impact of substance use disorder on divorce is becoming increasingly prevalent, requiring a sophisticated approach in financial planning to address these evolving challenges. The responsibility of protecting clients extends beyond conventional financial services such as insurance, investments, or tax-saving strategies. This presentation will address the intricate relationship between the surging opioid crisis and its profound impact on the institution of marriage and family life. As the opioid crisis unfolds, it leaves in its wake shattered marriages, strained families, and a growing urgency for comprehensive solutions to address both addiction and the collateral damage inflicted on domestic life.
Practice Management: In 2024 Earn More LAWYERS | CLIENTS | REVENUE with RADR™ Designation
Upskill with Advanced Realty Asset Dispute Resolution training/specialization (RADR™) - in 2024 to Earn Even More: Lawyers - RADR™/advanced realty asset dispute resolution specialization adds even more lawyers to your referral sources - beyond divorce - & boosts your substantive networking Clients - Realty assets in family matters expand client base to divorce, trusts & estates, probate, and elder law Revenue - RADR™/advanced realty asset dispute resolution specialization increases your tools and expertise to enhance revenue & BONUS: How to fix What Blocks CDFAs® from Landing More Lawyers.
What You Need To Know about Cybersecurity and The FTC Safeguards Compliance
Robust cybersecurity practices are essential for businesses of all sizes, regardless of whether you are single-person operation out of your home office or a global fortune 500 organization. We’ll explore basic cybersecurity requirements and how they can support your business.