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Practice Management: Automate Bank Statement Analysis with Ocrolus!
Ocrolus is an easy-to-use and user-friendly technology that allows for rapid processing of high-stakes financial documents. By choosing Ocrolus for document-to-data digitization, professionals are able to eliminate manual data work and reallocate valuable resources, empowering their teams to do more. In this demo, Graham will demonstrate how clients use Ocrolus to determine valuable cash flow information, flag transfers, and pull 75+ additional data points from bank statements in a matter of minutes to assist in divorce settlements.
IDFA Town Hall December 2021
Join the Board of Advisors to discuss the results of our recent annual survey and receive updates about IDFA and some marketing tips. This webinar is NOT CE Eligible
The Tax and Financial Consequences of Selling the Marital Home
The fact that real estate markets have been appreciating quite dramatically in the past couple of years, and homes that previously would have been sold with no tax consequences will in fact incur tax consequences now. In addition, the rise in Airbnb rentals, which could also affect the gain upon sale of real estate. People have gotten used to assuming that homes can be sold without tax consequences, but that is no longer always the case.

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On-demand webinars qualify for 1-hour of CDFA-CE credit for 3 months from the date of the live session. To receive credit, complete the corresponding quiz following the recording. NOTE:  Practice Management Webinars do NOT qualify for CE Credit. 

Understanding Military Retired Pay in Divorce: Issues related to dividing military retired pay
As with any retirement plan in divorce, not having a grasp of how to effectively deal with military retired pay in divorce can result in benefits lost for the client or become a liability to you or the attorney retaining you. All too often the method of determing the value of military retired pay, or dividing military retired pay by a court order, is confused with the private sector retirement plans and QDROs. In this webinar you will come away with knowing the difference between the retired pay of full-time active members and Reservist, effects of post-December 2016 court order divsion of retired pay, as well as the impact of disability pay and survivor benefits. Given the lack of understanding, and mis-information on the internet, you can be assured you are receiving the most up-to-date information with regard to military divorces.
Practice Management: What Women Want from Their Financial Professionals: How to Engage with a $24 Trillion Dollar Underserved Market!
The stats are real! 70% of women will leave their financial professional upon the death of her spouse.Women are 51% of the market and are set to come into the largest transference of wealth in history. Yet, Harvard Business Review reported that women ranked the insurance and financial industry as the least sympathetic to women. What can you do to engage this powerful market. Hear why women don't trust financial professionals and learn a 6-step process you can do now to engage with your female customers.
Cryptoassets and Couples: What to Do When There's a Split
Increasingly, more and more Americans are purchasing cryptocurrencies. Currently, there's a 1 in 5 chance that a spouse will own some amount of crypto. Given this backdrop, it's important for divorce professionals to have a basic understanding of how cryptocurrencies are typically acquired and held by individuals. Also of importance is understanding how crypto is valued, as well as the tax implications of transacting in these digital assets. This presentation will cover these topics and more, so that CDFA professionals can gain a foundational understanding of how to deal with this growing trend; one which they will likely encounter at some point in their divorce practice.