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Find Your Niche: Define & Differentiate to Compete in a Highly Competitive Environment
Discover how to serve a new generation of consumers efficiently and profitably by defining your ideal client and specializing in serving their needs. If you were diagnosed with a rare disease, would you go to the general practitioner in town? Or would you find a doctor that specializes in cases like yours? The next generation of clients are seeking advisors who offer specialized services that reflect their unique needs, and delivering deep value takes a targeted approach.
Achieving Amicable Settlement in Gray Divorce Using Reverse Mortgages
1. Overview of Peak 65 and Divorce Demographics 2. How the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) Has Changed a. Consumer Safeguards and the 4 “Nevers” b. FHA Borrower Counseling c. Underwriting that Ensures Sustainable Solutions d. New Protections for Younger Spouses 3. What Happens at Loan’s End? 4. The Distribution Options a. Lump Sum “Buy-Out the Other Side” b. Tenure Payment “Mom Can Stay in the House Due to Improved Cash Flow” c. Line of Credit “Supporting Future Needs, ex. LTC, After Portfolio Has Been Split” d. Lifestyle Home Loan “Like Paying Cash for New Home with No Payments” 5. Case Studies in Gray Divorce 6. Conclusion
Divorce and Business
Learn the aspects of divorce when a business is involved.l

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Communicate Financial Decisions in Divorce using Asset-Map
Join Adam Holt and CDFA certified financial professionals as they run a case study communicating the before, during and after complexities of divorce and how it impacts their financial life. Accelerate the conversation using visuals to give your client peace of mind, regardless of their past involvement in joint financial decisions.
Family Law Software Tips and Tricks – Getting the most out of your software
Peel back the layers of Family Law Software with product expert Nancy Chausow Shafer, and learn the new features, tips and best practices to help streamline your use of the software for your client’s benefit and to maximize your productivity.
Ascertaining Key Divorce Real Estate Challenges After Sitzer-Burnett and NAR Settlement: Economics and Essentials for Divorce Finance Pros
Starting August 2024, the Sitzer-Burnett litigation and NAR Settlement will significantly impact divorcing homeowners and real property mediation by drastically changing real estate licensee representation and compensation. The current real estate commission chaos creates new opportunities for finance professionals specializing in divorce who seek to expand their role, and their value, to divorce lawyers and divorcing clients.