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What to Do as a Financial Neutral in a Collaborative Law Case
Learn about the essential role of the financial neutral in the collaborative divorce process.
Divorce Financial Analyst Journal: July - Sept 2020
Discover curated articles that can answer your questions and help you delve deeper into topics you want to learn more about.
Divorce in the Time of Corona: From the Front Lines
Explore the opportunity to showcase a different side of the CDFA profession: adapting to change and managing the human experience.
Six Ways the Coronavirus Can Infect Your Divorce and Simple Steps to Protect Yourself
Discover the six areas you need to re-assess with clients going through a divorce during the coronavirus pandemic.
Coronavirus, The CARES Act and Divorcing Clients
A review of the unique considerations the CARES Act provides for divorcing clients.
2020: Make This Year Your Best Year Ever
Want to make 2020 your best year ever? Learn how to evaluate your prior year, consciously design the upcoming year, and set meaningful goals.
Blockchain and Banking: Can They Solve the Divorce Dilemma?
The “divorce dilemma” may be solvable by both blockchain and banking solutions. Discover how these technologies could slow, stop and reverse the well-documented poverty levels of divorced women and change the outcomes for women who are wealthy during marriage and at risk for becoming poor through the divorce process.
Dividing the Burial Plot
Learn about the complications that can arise if the burial plot is not mentioned in the divorce settlement documents.
Helping Clients Solve Money Problems Can Thwart Divorce Turmoil
Money problems are always one of the top reasons for divorce. There’s no question: money problems can erode the fabric of relationships. But divorce doesn’t fix those money problems. In fact, it often creates additional ones for each spouse—particularly if there’s only one financial breadwinner.