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113 Results

  • Mind Mapping Your Way to More Effective Client Relationships

    Product not yet rated

    How can a busy advisor shift to this higher service level using a proven system that does not add tremendous amounts of work to their already full plate? The answer is mind mapping.

  • You, Too, Can Read the Code

    Product not yet rated

    “The Code” is not a secret code. Often when planners hear of tax code sections, they have a working knowledge of their content but have rarely read the actual code sections. Instead, we may read an IRS publication or simply do a web search for terms, read others’ commentary, and run with this “knowledge” as authoritative. You are encouraged to crack the Code, meaning open it up and read it for yourself.

  • How Tenable is Your Pension Valuation?

    Product not yet rated Recorded On: 03/28/2017

    Just how tenable is your pension valuation? Join Gerard Zielinski of Divorce Financial Solutions as he discusses when and why a pension valuation is needed in divorce. He will also review the factors and assumptions that affect a pension valuation. Join us as we take a deep dive into these complex issues.

  • Modeling Cash Flows in Family Law Software

    Recorded On: 02/21/2017

    Dan Caine, President of Family Law Software, gives a practical look at the technical side of a divorce financial analysis practice. This shows you how to use the software to enter, do projections for, and understand cash flows.

  • Divorce and Retirement: Retirement Plans Don’t Usually Include Divorce

    Product not yet rated

    In many divorce situations, the first worry is about the kids. However, if someone is divorcing late in life, their biggest worry may be what happens to them in retirement. Issues such as housing, pensions, healthcare, retirement benefits, and estate plans are, more often than not, fringe concerns when dealing with couples divorcing at other stages of life. These concerns come to the forefront and can become key issues when a divorce occurs late in life.

  • Deciding to Separate: Help Clients Face Transition with Confidence

    Product not yet rated

    Divorce is a major life event that touches all aspects of a person’s well-being. Worries about financial security, where they will live, hanging on to mutual friends, family dynamics, and lifestyle may all be at risk.​ We'll discuss 10 key tips to help clients transition with confidence.

  • Help Divorcees Tune out the Noise

    Product not yet rated

    As advisors, we all know that fear can permeate financial decisions. Divorcing clients, sometimes never having experienced dealing with family investments before, can be even more susceptible to the negative effects of that fear-inducing media noise. Their worry may be heightened about how to structure or restructure their financial lives or what investment decisions to make. Our job as trusted advisors is to guide our clients, help them understand their divorce options, and assist them as they make steady progress toward achieving their new financial life. Part of that job is to help them tune out the noise.

  • The Role Financial Advisors Play in Protecting Divorcing Clients’ Wealth

    Product not yet rated

    Financial advisors hold considerable power in a divorce file. Not just because the work they do is very relevant to anyone going through divorce, but also because the advice they provide to their clients can have a direct impact on how the divorce unfolds.​ This article explains the science behind vulnerabilities of clients who are going through a divorce and what motivates them to take actions that are contrary to their financial interests. And, it provides tips on what advisors can do to steer emotionally charged clients toward more financially sound decisions during their divorce.​

  • Your Clients Don’t Need a Spouse to Keep Their House

    Product not yet rated

    The most contentious asset to divide during a divorce is most often the matrimonial home. With the exception of children, most parting couples consider their home to be their #1 asset, and, unfortunately, in the case of divorce, real estate tends not to be easily divisible. Add to the situation the memories and emotion surrounding the place considered a family home and it is easy to see why the matrimonial home is often a point of conflict for separating couples.

  • With Shrinking Options for Alimony, Lump Sum Can Be Your Best Strategy

    Product not yet rated

    For all their championship of modernization and equity, alimony reform advocates conveniently ignore the prevailing financial reality for many divorcing women—particularly those over 50. These women aren’t whining that they can’t maintain the luxurious lifestyle they enjoyed while married. They are struggling to find employment that can provide for their basic needs.