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124 Results

  • Critical Divorce Strategies for Families with Special Needs

    Product not yet rated Recorded On: 10/17/2017

    Statistics show that 20 percent of the United States population is affected by special needs. While the divorce rate among families with special needs is often the topic of great debate, there is one fact that remains certain: the complexity of divorce proceeding increases exponentially when working with families with special needs. In this Webinar, Mary Anne Ehlert, a financial professional with extensive expertise in this area, will discuss how child support and alimony can adversely affect eligibility of potential government benefits; how to preserve assets with the use of a special needs trust; and how to address conflicts related to quantifying future care needs and selecting future trustees.​

  • 3 Common Mistakes Not to Make When Dividing Defined Benefit Plans

    Product not yet rated

    Retirement assets are often the most substantial part of a marital estate, but dividing them up is one area of divorce practice where it is especially easy to make mistakes—and those errors often cannot be fixed once they are discovered.

  • Game Planning for Mid-Life Real Estate Purchases

    Product not yet rated

    Purchasing real estate can be a daunting prospect at any point in life. However, if the purchase is the result of financial negotiations related to divorce or separation in mid-life, this decision is even more daunting due to variables of health, wealth, retirement and fluctuations in earning capacity. If you have clients or know individuals considering making an initial or secondary real property purchase as a result of a divorce or separation where mortgage financing may be involved, this article will five key points for them to keep in mind.

  • How Tenable is Your Pension Valuation?

    Product not yet rated

    In this article, we discuss the factors and assumptions used in preparing a pension valuation.

  • Using Housing Wealth to Facilitate Asset Division in "Silver Divorce"

    Product not yet rated

    Reverse mortgages (a.k.a. Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECMs)) can play a very important role in meeting the economic concerns of retirement-aged couples who are divorcing, both to facilitate the division of a couple’s major assets and to optimize the assets that can be used for retirement income.

  • A Look at the Niche: CDFA State of the Profession: 2017

    Product not yet rated

    Review and download the results from the annual CDFA State of the Profession Survey.

  • Beyond Basics: What Every CDFA Professional Needs to Know About QDROs

    Recorded On: 08/22/2017

    To remain competitive in today's market CDFA professionals need to know more than just the QDRO basics. Drawing on over 20 years of experience preparing QDROs for Michigan and Illinois attorneys, Jacki Roessler will guide you through the most critical ways CDFA professionals can add value to cases. This webinar will cover topics that include understanding the difference between private and public sector plans, assisting with Discovery and Retirement Plan research, a deep dive into survivor benefits, coverture fractions, addressing non-qualified plans and more!​

  • 7 Factors to be Aware of When Negotiating a Divorce Settlement

    Product not yet rated

    At the most emotional time in our lives, when often we should not be making any decisions, separation and divorce demands financial decision-making that will alter the rest of one’s life—decisions that are permanent. Most of us are afraid of that ‘unknown outcome.’ A Japanese proverb says, “Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.” Fear of the unknown often plays a huge role in the outcome of final agreements. Education will help to alleviate that fear. So, let’s begin your education. What do you need to know to ensure that a settlement is both fair and equitable?

  • Coaching Clients Through Life’s Unknowns

    Product not yet rated

    As our clients face “the largest financial transaction in their lifetime,” how do we instill trust, confidence, and safety? Our role is not just as an analyst but as an anchor to keep our clients grounded and to give them the true analytical numbers of their worlds. One hundred percent of the time we have to acknowledge the emotional side that our clients feel and yet provide them with a complete analytical breakdown and assessment of their situation in such a way that we are empathetic to what they are going through.

  • Connecting Meaningfully with Clients in the Digital Age

    Product not yet rated

    The digital age has gifted you and your clients with an endless deluge of information technologies. Many professional services providers wrestle with these issues. They also struggle to overcome an understandable distaste, uncertainty, or fear of the marketing process. But instead of the obnoxious clang that “marketing” may have for you, the word should ping. Through this article, I hope to dispel any negative associations you may have, and turn you into a loud and proud CDFA professional, online and offline.