The Role of the CDFA® in the Collaborative Law Process

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Recorded On: 10/16/2018

Participating in the Collaborative Law process presents a paradigm shift and many challenges to all members of the professional team.  As a Financial Neutral and an important member of the team, it is the CDFA's job to provide financial data as directed by the attorneys and the clients, which may be a different role than the CDFA is use to.  With over a dozen successful cases as a Financial Neutral, Diane Pappas offers her best practices, from how to get involved with a collaborative group to what to do as a neutral and more importantly, what not to do.

Diane C. Pappas


Diane is Principal of Solutions for Divorce LLC, a fee-only, boutique divorce financial planning firm serving the North Shore of Boston, MA. She is a financial planner, trained mediator and a collaboratively trained Financial Neutral. Diane’s firm is a Registered Investment Advisor for the sole purpose of providing Post-Divorce Financial Planning to her clients. From 2014-2017, she served on the board and then as President of The Divorce Center, Inc. Diane is currently serving her last term on the IDFA Board of Advisors and is the Chair for the newly-formed Public Awareness Task Force.


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