Reverse Mortgage Solutions for Housing and Settlement During Silver Divorce

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Recorded On: 05/21/2019

A Reverse Mortgage is a financial tool that is often misunderstood both by consumers and by financial service professionals. Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert C. Merton, a finance professor at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, recently stated “Americans have wrongly steered clear of reverse mortgages. This needs to change. Individuals and industry leaders need to better understand how reverse mortgages can be effectively used. A more widespread and better understanding of reverse mortgage strategies needs to occur in order to better serve America’s senior population and retirees.” -- Reverse Mortgages Can Be A Retiree's Saving Grace.  Author: Jamie Hopkins, Professor, The American College and published on

When analyzing housing wealth as a divorce asset, a reverse mortgage may be a vehicle to provide secure housing for one or both parties or a source for settlement options for homeowners age 62 or older. During this presentation, we’ll walk through:

  • Preparing a baseline equity (net) evaluation of the property during discovery phase;
  • Title and debt responsibility of both parties pertaining to the marital home before and after divorce is final;
  • A nuts and bolts overview of reverse mortgage mechanics, qualifications and borrowing options; and
  • A review of research and case studies using reverse mortgage within the plan. 

Alina Passarelli

NMLS# 525407, CRMP

Alina Passarelli, NMLS# 525407, CRMP is committed to a finance process based upon education, factual data and collaborative planning with reverse mortgage.

As a Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional, she has dedicated her career to reverse mortgage finance, educating families and professionals and to the continued study of housing wealth used in financial planning. As a CE instructor for the Financial Planning Association, she has developed courses for the planning community on the mechanics of reverse mortgage and researched planning strategies leveraging American’s greatest asset; housing wealth.


Recording: Reverse Mortgage Solutions for Housing and Settlement During Silver Divorce
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