Practice Management: The Power of Woman-to-Woman Mentorship in Financial Advising

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Recorded On: 04/02/2024

Talk to almost any successful woman advisor in this industry and you’ll learn that she got where she is thanks in no small part to her ‘tribe’; that circle of advisors, confidants and mentors who helped her define her goals, overcome obstacles, stay motivated and achieve success. As the financial advising profession continues to lag in the its progress toward attracting and retaining more women, the client demand for female advisors is expected to continue to grow.  Research reveals that there is a significant lack of trained mentors properly equipped to deliver a meaningful mentoring experience to support women working in traditionally male-dominated professions. Furthermore, cookie cutter corporate programs with preset goals and outcomes are often not tailored to the professional goals and values of women advisors. In this webinar, executive director of the Women's Leadership Alliance, Stephanie Gularte, together with WLA mentor and retired financial advisor, Pamela Grey, will share the secrets to creating powerful mentorship experiences for and by women.  They will share mentorship practices that experienced female advisors considering succession options, or for offices looking to attract and retain more women can put into action.  

Stephanie Gularte

Women's Leadership Alliance

Stephanie Gularte is the Executive Director of the Women's Leadership Alliance, a nonprofit organization founded by and for female financial advisors.  She collaborates with a board of directors and an advisory board of successful women in the wealth management industry who are passionate about moving the needle in the representation of women advisors.  Stephanie oversees the WLA's ambassador community, its university partnerships, and its mentorship program to further the mission of the WLA to attract, support, and empower women in the financial advising profession.  

Dr. Pamela Grey

Dr. Pamela Grey entered the financial advising field as a 2nd career after working in academia for seventeen years. Initially advising with Edward Jones in Jacksonville, Florida, she moved on to Raymond James where she created Grey Investment Group. In 2021, Pamela retired from financial advising to publish, write and coach others to greatness. She recently published a 2nd new edition of her award- winning book, Power Your Decisions.  Pamela continues to mentor female advisors, helping them to discover the confidence and clarity to build successful careers.


Recording: The Power of Woman-to-Woman Mentorship in Financial Advising
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