Practice Management: Improving Outcomes for Families — How Co-parenting Apps can Enhance Client Communication and Ensure Success

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Recorded On: 01/09/2024


The OurFamilyWizard app (OFW) is frequently included in parenting agreements as a way to reduce litigation and improve family outcomes. Learn how OFW can simplify co-parenting communication and streamline the work of practitioners.


Communication problems continue to plague families in divorce and separation. While more of the correspondence is moving to e-mail and texting, from the court’s perspective, these forms of communication are often unreliable and can be easily manipulated. In turn, court dockets continue to be overloaded with custody cases coming back multiple times.

This presentation will advise family law professionals on communication technology ordered by the court in high conflict custody and visitation matters. Professionals will learn how they can stay informed of co-parent communication through the use of online tools. Each attendee will receive examples of agreements and court orders currently used to specify parent and professional use of OFW, as well as a full demonstration of the available features.


  • Define common behaviors in relevant case types (i.e., high conflict, DV, orders for protection). Discuss how OFW has evolved since its pilot project to address these prevalent behaviors.
  • Explore the OFW toolset for parents. Analyze the interface and the ways built-in rules create a framework for amicable communication in a variety of case types.
  • Demonstrate how the OFW Family Law Practitioner app supports the efforts of court-appointed professionals to oversee parent activity and intervene when necessary.
  • Examine court order and agreement examples, including relevant appellate decisions.
  • Review the OFW Fee Waiver Program for low-income families
  • Learn how to obtain declarations on authenticated records
  • Receive updates on new features that have been added and enhanced

Three Learning Objectives

  1. Familiarize all attendees with the online tools judges are ordering parents to use for communicating their shared parenting needs.
  2. Recognize documents that may be presented as evidence in the courtroom.
  3. Learn how mediators, custody evaluators, and other professionals may work with and assess family needs utilizing these tools

Kevin Dorsey

Manager of Professional Relationships


Kevin is a professional liaison for OurFamilyWizard. His role includes educating judges, attorneys, mediators, GAL’s, and other family law professionals on the online tools that can be utilized to benefit and monitor parental communication in high conflict cases. Kevin travels the country speaking and exhibiting at dozens of continuing legal education conferences and seminars each year. Kevin graduated from the University of Denver receiving a BA in Music and Political Science.


Recording: Practice Management - Improving Outcomes for Families — How Co-parenting Apps Can Enhance Client Communication and Ensure Success
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