Industry Trends Shaping Financial Advice in Canada

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Recorded On: 05/07/2019

The financial advice business in Canada has reached a crossroads, driven by the simultaneous trends of technology, regulation, and demographics. The future commoditization of everything from brokerage to banking to investment management is driving everyone towards delivering financial advice that demonstrates a strong value proposition to clients. While these new trends are bringing more and more financial planning advice to consumers, some secondary trends are creating a challenging landscape for both financial advisors and clients. In this session, we look at how broad industry trends are reshaping the future of financial advice, and how the convergence of a new wealth management landscape is impacting the advice relationship.

Francesco Coccimiglio


Francesco has been a Portfolio Manager and Investment Advisor for over 12 years and built a wealth management business at both a bank-owned firm (TD Bank) and an independent firm (Hampton Securities). He has in-depth knowledge of the investment industry business in Canada with a broad understanding of the various advisory relationships, investment products and financial planning options available to clients. He has intimately experienced the sweeping changes that have taken place in the wealth management business over the last decade.


Industry Trends Shaping Financial Advice in Canada
Recorded 05/07/2019
Recorded 05/07/2019
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