How to Get More Prospects To Say “Yes”

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Recorded On: 01/22/2019

As service-based professionals, you have the power to deeply impact and influence the lives of your clients. How rewarding would it be to serve more clients who are willing and ready to engage in your services? 

Sylvia Garibaldi, Founder of SG and Associates, discusses best practices on how to get more prospects to become clients, such as:

  • Three strategies that, when used consistently, will open the floodgates to qualified clients who are ready to say "yes" to your services.
  • What you should never say to a prospect in a meeting.
  • The easy-to-follow, 3-step meeting framework that will get your prospective clients very eager to work with you.
  • The number one mistake that service-based entrepreneurs make that loses them money each time!
  • How to lead non-salesy conversation that adds value and changes the course of your prospect's life, whether or not they sign up with you.
  • Learn how to establish trust and authentic connection quickly by making each prospective client feel important and understood.

Sylvia Garibaldi

B.A. Hons, B.A.S.

Sylvia is an energetic and passionate Business Coach with over 9 years of experience helping high-earning service professionals achieve outstanding results in their business.

As an accomplished coach and business strategist for financial and legal professionals, Sylvia has the ability to get right to the source of the challenge, lay out a rock-solid success strategy and keep her clients on track to reach their goals. By motivating and inspiring clients, Sylvia’s valuable insights also allows them to stand out and become well-known experts in their respective industries. 

Her mission is simple but powerful: to help as many professionals and firms transform their businesses and lives in ways they may not yet have imagined. To access Sylvia's expert training program for CDFA professionals: How To Find More Ideal Clients For Your Divorce Practice, visit:


How to Get More Prospects to Say "Yes"
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