Divorce Financial Planning Textbook

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Chapter One: Current State of Divorce and the CDFA Professional 

  1. New Market Niche: Divorce Financial Planning 
  2. Role of the CDFA Professional 

Chapter Two: Overview of Divorce Laws

Chapter Three: Analyzing the Financial Data

Chapter Four: Property and Related Tax Issues

Chapter Five: Division and Tax Treatment of Retirement Plans

  1. Division of Retirement Plans
  2. Other Considerations
  3. Components of a Defined Benefit Plan QDRO

Chapter Six: Valuation and Sale of the Marital Home

  1. Marital Home
  2. Tax Issues of the Sale of the Marital Home
  3. Cost Basis and Use and Ownership Rules

Chapter Seven: Spousal and Child Support

  1. Spousal Support
  2. Tax Issues of Spousal Support
  3. Child Support
  4. Tax Issues of Child Support

Chapter Eight: Tax Implications in DIvorce Financial Planning

  1. Tax Allocation and Planning
  2. Analyzing the Person Income Tax Return

Chapter Nine: Specialty Areas and Other Considerations 

  1. Social Security
  2. Health and Life Insurance 
  3. Debt, Credit, and Bankruptcy

Chapter Ten: CDFA as an Expert Witness


  1. Income Tax Tables
  2. Life Expectancy Tables 



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