Creating Assets Using Premium Finance and Existing Expenses

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Recorded On: 02/19/2019

For clients going through a divorce, a holistic approach to a client’s financial plan and life insurance should be a core focus; specifically, premium financed life insurance.

Through a series of case studies and examples, David will explore real, tangible benefits for clients who may not be in a cash position to pay large annual premiums for permanent life insurance policies. For clients who meet the minimum requirements, they should be looking at premium finance as a way to maximize a greatly underused client asset: their life insurance capacity. In this session, we will discuss:

·         The different kind of financing options and policies available in the marketplace;

·         The potential risks and downsides to premium finance; and

·         Why and where premium financed life insurance fits into a client’s overall financial plan, and why it is unique. 

David Carroll

Managing Partner at Oak Insurance Group

David Carroll is a Managing Partner at Oak Insurance Group, specializing in premium finance loans and serving the high net worth market. Before joining Oak, David was the President of a large national insurance brokerage office in Orlando, FL.


Recording: Creating Assets Using Premium Finance and Existing Expenses
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