Blended Families

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Recorded On: 03/15/2022

Did you know that over 50% of U.S. families are remarried? And that percentage is only going up. It is likely that many of your existing clients are a part of a blended family – as a spouse, partner, child or grandparent. By understanding what blended families need, you and your team can be the key to helping your clients become more confident about their financial plans. This presentation will guide you through the nuances of working with blended families in your role as a CDFA professional.

Laurie Marchel

Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

During her career, Laurie has spent time with many different financial advisors and investment companies. She has served on the broker-dealer side with A.G. Edwards and Edward Jones and on the asset management side with Russell Investments, BNY Mellon/Dreyfus, and Invesco. Laurie’s career has always involved extensive travel, which has helped her readily embrace technology to work more efficiently. She has also seen firsthand how companies with equal representation better perform. Thus, Laurie’s two-fold mission was born, and she left corporate America so she would be free to create, innovate, and drive change across the industry. While advisors today are benefiting from some innovations in the technology space, there are still gaps that prevent them from serving clients in the most efficient, time sensitive way possible. Laurie has founded technology companies and partnered with others to push innovation across the industry.

Further, Laurie is an outspoken thought leader and champion for women in wealth management, having launched development programs and solutions and wrote a widely publicized book in addition to several articles that help women connect, grow, and support one another.


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