Behind Closed Doors: The Opioid Epidemic’s Powerful and Damaging Influence on Marriages

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Recorded On: 03/19/2024

As the opioid epidemic worsens across the US, the toll it imposes on the economy has risen to staggering heights causing an economic loss of more than $1 trillion, not only posing a threat to the economy but also jeopardizing careers, family finances, retirement plans, and marriages. With the numbers of opioid use disorders, overdoses and deaths surging in recent years, the impact of substance use disorder on divorce is becoming increasingly prevalent, requiring a sophisticated approach in financial planning to address these evolving challenges. The responsibility of protecting clients extends beyond conventional financial services such as insurance, investments, or tax-saving strategies. This presentation will address the intricate relationship between the surging opioid crisis and its profound impact on the institution of marriage and family life. As the opioid crisis unfolds, it leaves in its wake shattered marriages, strained families, and a growing urgency for comprehensive solutions to address both addiction and the collateral damage inflicted on domestic life.


This presentation aims to offer a holistic perspective on the opioid epidemic's impact on marriages, combining personal narratives with expert insights. Attendees will leave with a profound understanding of the crisis, tools to recognize warning signs, knowledge of available resources, and practical financial strategies to support affected individuals and families on their journey to recovery.


The Epidemic:

  • Comprehensive overview of the current state of the opioid crisis in the US.
  • Exploration of the economic implications and pervasive influence on various aspects of life: careers, family finances, retirement plans, and marriages.
  • Understanding the far-reaching consequences beyond addiction itself.

Colin’s Story:

  • Personal narrative illustrating the real impact of opioid addiction on a marriage.
  • Illustrates the human aspect of the opioid crisis, emphasizing the emotional toll on individuals and families.

Red Flags:

  • Identification of signs indicating opioid addiction within marriages.
  • Recognition of unusual financial behavior, emotional strain, increased arguments, and trust issues as warning signals.
  • Empowering individuals and professionals with the ability to spot potential problems early on.

Financial Strategies:

  • Practical approaches for financial professionals to assist clients facing the financial burdens of substance abuse and recovery.
  • Understanding the unique financial challenges associated with opioid addiction.
  • Offering insights into mitigating financial risks and planning for recovery.

Cheryl Canzanella


Retirement Solutions Partner, Movement Mortgage

With over 23 years of experience in the insurance and financial services industry, Cheryl joined Movement Mortgage as a Retirement Solutions Partner to continue her passion for helping individuals reach their retirement goals. Although she is not a licensed loan officer, her primary focus is working with financial professionals to offer strategies incorporating Reverse Mortgages into the Financial and Estate planning conversation. 

Cheryl is an active member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA), Financial Planning Association (FPA) and Women in Insurance and Financial Services (WIFS). She is a past president of NAIFA Northeast Florida, has been awarded the NAIFA Florida President’s Award and was recognized as the NAIFA National Young Advisor Team Leader of the Year.

As a native Floridian, Cheryl enjoys spending time with family, relaxing at the beach, playing flag football, doing CrossFit, and volunteering. She can often be heard cheering and/or possibly weeping for her beloved Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars.


Recording: Behind Closed Doors - The Opioid Epidemic’s Powerful and Damaging Influence on Marriages
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Quiz: Behind Closed Doors - The Opioid Epidemic’s Powerful and Damaging Influence on Marriages
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10 Questions  |  2 attempts  |  20 minute limit  |  7/10 points to pass
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1.00 CE credit  |  Certificate available