Divorce Financial Analyst Journal: July - Sept 2020

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What to Do as a Financial Neutral in a Collaborative Law Case 
Not All Heroes Wear Capes (And Not All CDFA Professionals are CFPs)
The Richness of Divorce
A Summary of Recent Activity from the IDFA Board of Advisors

Kevin Scudder


Kevin R. Scudder is a Collaborative attorney based in Seattle, WA.  He is a board member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, creator of the Seattle Collaborative Law Center, Collaborative trainer, and regular contributor to the Collaborative literary community, including being a contributing author to Building a Successful Collaborative Family Law Practice, published by the American Bar Association.  Kevin can be reached at kevin@seattleclc.com or through the Seattle Collaborative Law Center at https://www.seattleclc.com/

Sylvia Guinan

Sylvia Guinan has worked as a Financial Advisor for over twenty years at two major brokerage firms.  She has her MBA and is also a CDFA. Sylvia has been recognized by many prominent publications for her work in this field. 

Sylvia mastered the ability to find hope and positivity in the most challenging situations. For more than ten years, Sylvia has used her gifts to support people through difficult relationship transitions by helping them to shift from the fear of a failed marriage to a new vision of their life with an empowered beginning.   

Her unique experience navigating two divorces in her own life has given Sylvia the tools and skills needed to provide a healing space where couples can unwind their relationship from a loving perspective and create a new story with clarity and authenticity.   

As a mother of three, Sylvia's passion is to guide families to be their best selves as they navigate divorce within their own family—from a place of true love and grace.  

Learn more at sylviaguinan.com 

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Susan Slater


Sue Slater, CDFA, is a managing member of Core Divorce Management, LLC, where she works as a freelance family law paralegal and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst to assist attorneys in managing a litigated or collaborative divorce case. She has worked for over seventeen years as a family law paralegal where she has stood at the side and supported her attorney team in all aspects of a divorce matter. Ms. Slater holds the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) and obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Management from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois.


Divorce Financial Analyst Journal: July - Sept 2020
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