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Financial Professionals: Who’s Who

Publish Date: 07/06/2018


During your separation, you need sound financial advice to ensure the settlement is fair to both parties; afterwards, you’ll probably need help adjusting to your new circumstances and planning for a secure future. Here’s an introduction to some of the financial professionals you may need.

CPA: an accountant can give advice regarding financial statements and is often involved in the planning and preparation of income tax filings. A qualified accountant can make judgments regarding the quality and reliability of a company’s books and records—which can be very helpful in family law cases involving a family-owned business.

CBV: a Chartered Business Valuator has credentials that include determining income and valuing businesses. If you need to know how much a business is worth, call a CBV.

CDFA®: a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® professional has specialized education, skills, and experience that enables him or her to analyze both the short- and long-term financial impact of different financial settlements.

CFE: a Certified Fraud Examiner deals with complex financial situations, looking for hidden cash and financial manipulation. Call a CFE if you suspect your ex-spouse of foul financial play.

CFP®: a Certified Financial Planner® can help you improve your overall financial health, and help you budget and plan for future goals. If you will be receiving a lump-sum spousal support or equalization payment, a CFP can help you invest it according to your goals.