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123 Results

  • Modifying Model QDRO Language

    Product not yet rated

    Should a model QDRO be modified? Most likely, the answer is yes. A model QDRO is nothing more than a form of guidance and all ERISA plans cannot require that model language be used. Any order that satisfies the requirements under ERISA, REA, and the IRC for a QDRO must be recognized as such, even if the order does not bear a resemblance to the plan’s model QDRO.

  • How to Act as a Neutral and Settle Cases

    Product not yet rated Recorded On: 09/27/2016

    Have you ever considered helping husbands and wives settle their divorce case without attorneys calling the shots? In other words, have you ever considered working as a neutral? As a CDFA professional, you may be able to function as a mediator or hire yourself out to mediators as a divorce financial expert, helping couples save money, alleviate drama, and get a good start on their new lives. Robin Graine, JD, CDFA, VA Supreme Court Certified Mediator, will discuss how to comfortably “sit in the middle,” not get sued, and make money doing it.

  • Data Visualization for Divorce Financial Professionals

    Recorded On: 08/23/2016

    The human brain processes images 700,000 times faster than text, yet CDFA professionals' primary tools are spreadsheets, equations, and numbers. Join Michael Kothakota, CEO of Wolfbridge Financial, to learn how you can use data visualizations to help communicate vital financial information to your clients.​

  • A House Divided: Analyzing Real Estate Options for the Present and Future

    Product not yet rated Recorded On: 07/19/2016

    Karen Sparks, J.D., CDFA, discusses the fundamental requirements for different real estate alternatives, the processes involved in implementing these strategies, how software analysis can support your client discussions, and key professionals that can help facilitate client decisions.​

  • The Lawyer as Peacemaker

    Product not yet rated

    Hard fought family cases can also hurt family lawyers. Suffering clients call nonstop, email long diatribes, and even show up at offices unannounced and agitated. Fueling the fire by delivering scathing interrogatories or through biting cross-examination can wear on an advocate’s mind, body, and spirit. In response, family lawyers are starting to expand their practices to focus on peacemaking. This article discusses what makes a lawyer a peacemaker.

  • Are We Getting Better or Worse? Let’s Get Better Together.

    Product not yet rated

    Does this sound familiar? You take a call at work from a newly divorced human and in their breathless state of undoing, they spill out the details of what they now understand to be their settlement. When they finally pause, they ask, “Can you help me?”​ A CDFA professional can have a critical positive impact, which can be amplified in favor of the client when that work is combined with solid legal expertise.​

  • Moving on After the Storm: Post-Divorce Considerations

    Product not yet rated

    Life does not stop with the signatures on the marital settlement agreement and the court approval of the final paperwork. Without proper post-divorce planning, unexpected events can plunge our clients right back into another financial spiral of uncertainty, anxiety, and a potential host of negative consequences. It is at this point that some of our most important work as divorce finance professionals begins.

  • Special Needs Child Support Planning in Divorce

    Product not yet rated

    A divorce involving a special needs child presents a multitude of additional planning challenges. How will parents be able to pay for their children’s education and future care of a special needs child if the individual responsible for alimony and child support payments becomes disabled? Parents of a special needs child are consumed by unanswered questions.​

  • What is the Business Worth? Where to Start

    Product not yet rated Recorded On: 06/21/2016

    Daniel Hall of the International Society of Business Appraisers gives a lesson in business valuation. For many households today, a substantial portion of the family's net worth may be tied up in a small business owned and operated by the family. This presentation lays the groundwork for considering the valuation assignment.

  • 30 Cases in My First Year: Marketing Your CDFA Practice

    Recorded On: 06/21/2016

    Nancy Hetrick, CDFA, MAFF, discusses how to build and market your CDFA practice. Topics include networking, volunteer work, educational marketing, and online referral sites.​